Rubber Floor Tile, Raised & Smooth

Blemish discount announcement: We have an inventory of blemished rubber stair treads and 24" x 24" tiles at $19.90 each, all styles. These treads and tiles have some imperfections (mostly small blisters or slight discolorations or slight thickness variation) that keep us from selling them as firsts. These carry the same wear warranty as our first class treads and tiles. All stock is first-come-first-serve. Majority of inventory is raised disc pattern and diamond pattern. Call to check on availability. Blemished material is non returnable.

If you need a different length than available, they are easily trimmed to size.

Our Recommendations
  • #882 - Lower cost solution for entryways, hallways, lobbies, elevators, ramps, concession stands, around box offices or vending machines.
  • #552 - A safe, long-wearing, easily cleaned rubber floor tile for stair landings, lobbies, aisles, ramps elevators, concession stands, entryways, around box offices or vending machines.
  • #644 - Ideal for stair landings, entryways, hallways, lobbies, elevators, ramps, concession stands and vending machines; any heavy traffic area.
  • #782 - New Rubber Tile Product.
  • Ideal for public buildings where fire safety is a prime prerequisite; durable for heavy traffic areas.
  • Ideal for stair landings, lobbies, entrances, elevators, hallways, ramps; around concessions or vending machines.
  • #RT5- 1000T- Top quality smooth surface rubber floor tile.
  • Choose Rubber Adhesives:
  • #560- Adhesive for rubber tile, flooring and stair treads.
  • #775- Epoxy for Disc-O-Tile, rubber tile, flooring and stair treads.
  • #510 Adhesive
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882 Rubber Floor Tile - Economical
Rubber Landing Tile 882 Low Profile Specs:
  • 19-11/16 x 19-11/16 (50cm x 50cm)
  • Overall thickness: 1/8 (3.175mm); 7/64 (2.78mm) w/out profile
  • Profile height: 1/64 (.4mm)
  • Profile diameter: 1-9/64 (28.97mm)
Retail Price:$63.20
Our Price:$51.25
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552 Rubber Floor Tile - Safe, Long-wearing
Rubber Landing Tile 552 Raised Square Specs:
  • Size: 19-11/1 6 " x 19-11/1 6" (50c m x 50c m)
  • Overall thickness: 1/8"
  • 9/64" w/ profile
  • Profile Height: 1/32"
  • Profile Width: 1 5/8"
Retail Price:$73.85
Our Price:$60.25 Each
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644 Rubber Floor Tile - Diamond Design
Diamond Design Landing Tile Specs:
  • Size: 27" x 27" (68.6 cm x 68.6 cm)
  • Overall thickness: 3/16"
Retail Price:$97.00
Our Price:$83.00
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782 Rubber Floor Tile - Raised Disc
Rubber Landing Tile - 782 Raised Disc
  • Size: 19-11/16" x 19-11/16" (50cm x 50cm)
  • Overall Thickness: 5/32"; 1/8" w/out profile
  • Profile Height: 3/64"
  • Profile Diameter: 1-3/32"
Retail Price:$77.80
Our Price:$61.50
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300 Water-Based Contact Cement- For Stair Treads & Risers
  • A non-solvent based alternative to install rubber and vinyl stair treads and cove risers to concrete, wood, terrazzo, metal or marble.
  • One gallon covers 75 lineal feet of stair treads
  • 1 quart, 1 gallon and 4 gallon containers.
  • Call for price on 4 gallon containers.
Retail Price:$50.00
Our Price:$40.00
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400 Neoprene Contact Cement- for stair treads & risers
  • Bonds all Disc-O-Treds, Rubber Stair Treads or Koroseal Vinyl Stair Treads to concrete, pan filled, wood, metal, marble and terrazzo steps.
  • Rapid drying, long range contact cement.
  • Contains solvents, extremely flammable.
  • 1 gallon covers 75 lineal feet of stair treads
  • 1 quart, 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.
  • Call for pricing on 5 gallon containers
Retail Price:$31.00
Our Price:$25.00
This item is currently out of stock!
560 Rubber Floor Cement- for floor tiles or rolls
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • For installing Rubber Floor Tiles or Rolls over suitable on-grade dry concrete floors, suspended concrete floors, or suspended wood floors.
  • Not recommended where excessive moisture exists
  • 1 gallon or 4 gallon cans.
  • Covers 150 square feet per gallon.
  • Please call for price on 4 gallons
Retail Price:$95.00
Our Price:$65.00
RCM-510 Acrylic Wet Set Adhesive - Gallon
$75.00 Each
775AB Epoxy Adhesive
  • Two component urethane enhanced wet-set epoxy adhesive
  • Contains Part A gallon container and Part B quart container to empty into Part A for mixing
  • Covers approximately 125 square feet per unit
  • Low odor, non-flammable, and solvent-free