Ordering Information


  • Do you accept purchase orders?
    All Stair Treads accepts most purchase orders from schools, churches, colleges, universities, hospitals, YMCAs and non-profits.
  • Is there a minimum order?
    Sorry we have to have a $25 minimum order size as we make no money on smaller orders.
  • What are your payment methods?
    • Pay by American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa charge cards. We process charge cards on the day that we receive your order.
    • Pay by Bank Wire Transfer. These can take a day or so for us to know it went thru. To speed order up, verify to us that transfer was made by faxing a copy of Bank Wire Transfer form.
    • Pay by money order or certified check.
    • Pay by regular check will delay our filling your order until after it clears our bank. Usually 7 working days.
    • Please no COD orders.
    • Purchase orders accepted for those with good credit.

  • What are your terms of sale?
    By making your order with us, you are agreeing to all of the following terms of sale.
  • What is your pricing policy?
    We save you money by shipping from the factory. Sometimes, but rarely our suppliers surprise us with increased prices, which make our web store price too low. In cases where you ordered such an item, we will contact you of the correct price and get your permission to process your order. We are sorry for our suppliers inconvenience.
  • Do you have collection fees?
    We are sorry to have to include this section. Unfortunately there are dishonest people out there who ruin the nicety of doing business.

    • Insufficient funds on a check will be charged at a rate of 5% interest per month until paid; plus the bank insufficient funds fee.
    • The interest rate on non paid purchase orders will go to 5% after 2 months late.
    • Accounts placed for collections may be subject to a charge of up to 33.3% of the amount charged on accounts.

  • What are your shipping charges?
    You can choose to ship smaller items by UPS or Motor Freight. Larger items above a certain size and 150 pounds weight must ship by Motor Freight. We have negotiated some of the best rates from our shippers and pass these on to you.

    We charge you the same freight charges that the freight company charges us. Unfortunately we may not know before we ship exactly what these are; as Yahoo's estimate that you see and Roadways estimate that we get are sometimes less than actual. In addition actual may be higher because estimates did not include upcharges for delivery to a residence or for the truck driver to call ahead. We process these best guess amounts through your charge card before we fill your order. We will have to charge you again if the actual bill exceeds the estimated.
  • Are there handling charges?
    Handling charges are included in the line item "shipping". It includes the cost of packaging supplies.
  • What are the delivery times?
    We are often asked for delivery times. Please understand that we can only give you approximate timing based on our past experience with our suppliers. Sometimes orders take longer from our suppliers. And we have no control to speed up their delivery. So please give yourself a cushion when ordering. We accept no responsibility for any damages that our customers may experience due to their planning that merchandise might arrive to them at any particular time.
  • What do I do if there is shipping damage?
    You must call within 2 days after you receive your order. All products are shipped in good condition and with proper packaging. However, infrequently they arrive damaged. We do not guarantee that your order will arrive damage free. Please carefully review this section for- (1)instructions on proper freight receiving procedures to ensure being paid in full for any shipping damages and (2)how you file a claim to receive payment from the freight liner . As explained below, you will not be paid your full claim if your people do not receive your freight properly. Please understand we will not make any refunds to cover this shortfall.

    The United States government, through the "The Carmack Amendment", protects the customer to get freight in good condition. However it also protects the freight liner from having to pay for fraudulent claims filed by customers for freight damaged at the customer's facilities. The freighting industry has set up the following procedures to accomplish this.
  • What is the UPS receiving procedure?
    Inspect and sign for the product at delivery; complete inspection within 24 hours and if damaged call us immediately with the extent of the problem. We will arrange a replacement and contact UPS for payment. Please keep all packaging as they may want to see it.

    Motor carrier receiving procedures

    Make sure you get the number of boxes that is indicated on the bill of lading. Note the number of boxes missing on the "bill of lading".

    Inspect the product and packaging at delivery to establish freight carrier accountability. Note all damages on the "bill of lading".

    Inform us and the truck company within several days about any Bill of lading noted missing boxes or damage material.

    Damage not noted on the bill of lading is called "concealed damage". Inform us and the trucking company about this type of damage as soon as possible within 24 hours of delivery. The sooner you call means the more you get paid: in-full, 1/2, 1/3 or 0 payment. The longer you wait the more the freight liner thinks the damages occurred at the job site and the less you will be paid.

    Get a copy of the claim form from the carrier. File the claim within 15 days after the delivery. Send us a copy. The freight liners will then review your claim, determine if the damage occurred during trucking or at the customers facility. And pay in-full, 1/2, 1/3 or 0.

    So please advise your receiving people to check freight at delivery and note damages and any missing boxes on the bill of lading. Please understand we will not make any refunds to cover freight carriers not paying your full claim.

    Contact us for help and to order a replacement.
  • Who should I contact about shipping problems?
    All material is shipped in good condition. Therefore all damages occurred in shipment.

    1) For Truck shipped order problems- (Do not call the factory.) You must call the truck carrier within 2 days after you receive your order. For damaged material- call the trucking company to get a claim form; then call us to report incident. For missing boxes- First call the Trucking company; then call us.

    2) For UPS delivered orders- For damaged or missing boxes- Call Us
  • What is your return policy?
    Our prices are low because we ship directly from the factory and keep minimum inventory. Unfortunately the factory only allows returns for wrong shipments or defective material. In these rare situations, correct material will immediately be sent. Returns for other reasons must go into our inventory and we charge a 35% restocking fee. Stair treads with grit strip are not returnable. Adhesive is not returnable. Please request samples to ensure you get the right color and shape; Measure twice and cut once. Try to use what you ordered and not make returns to keep our inventory low and prices low. Thank you for shopping with us.

  • What do I do if there is material missing from my order?
    You must inform us of missing material within one week of delivery. You will be given a case number at that time to refer to while your problem is corrected.
  • What do I do about factory missing material?
    (Do not call the factory.) Always make sure that you received all boxes shipped. If you got the number of boxes indicated on your bill of lading and material is missing, contact us within 5 days for us to contact the factory. Do not call us after 30 days, as factories will not help.

  • What is your warranty?
    All Stair Treads warrants to All Stair Treads purchasers only units purchased from us to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service upon the following terms and conditions:

    1) The Warranty is limited to replacing or repairing, at our option, transportation charges prepaid by the purchaser, any All Partitions and Parts units or part thereof which our inspection shall show to have been defective within the limitations of this warranty.

    2) The period during which All Stair Treads units are warranted is as follows, measured from the date of our invoices:

    All rubber stair treads and raised pattern landing tiles are warranted by Musson against excessive wear for a period of 5 years; sheet rubber and smooth tile for a period of 10 years; all other products for a period of 1 year. Contact us for restrictions and complete warranty details.

    3) This warranty does not cover installation labor charges and does not apply to any units which have been damaged by accident, abuse, improper installation, improper maintenance, or altered in any way.

    4) The replacement or repair of defective All Stair Treads units as stated in this warranty shall constitute the sole remedy of the purchaser and the sole liability of All Stair Treads under this warranty. All Stair Treads shall not under any circumstances be liable for incidental, consequential or indirect damages caused by defects in All Stair Treads units or any delay in the repair or replacement thereof.

    5) This warranty extends only to purchasers and does not extend to any others, including consumer customers of purchasers.

    6) This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.