782 Rubber Floor Tile - Raised Disc

782 Rubber Floor Tile - Raised Disc
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782 Rubber Floor Tile - Raised Disc
Retail Price:$77.80
Our Price:$61.50
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M407 Chocolate Marbelized
M408 Black Marbelized
M411 Lt Gray Marbelized
M425 Red Marbelized
M442 Dk Blue Marbelized
M446 Med Gray Marbelized
M447 Brown Marbelized
M458 Cream Marbelized
M465 Wine Marbelized
M466 Charcoal Marbelized
M471 Lt Blue Marbelized
M476 Sand Marbelized
M484 Green Marbelized
S407 Solid Chocolate
S408 Solid Black
S411 Solid Lt Gray
S425 Solid Red
S442 Solid Dk Blue
S446 Solid Med Gray
S447 Solid Brown
S458 Solid Cream
S465 Solid Wine
S466 Solid Charcoal
S471 Solid Lt Blue
S476 Solid Sand
S484 Solid Green
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Product Description

Rubber Landing Tile - #782 Raised Disc
Size: 19-11/16" x 19-11/16" (50cm x 50cm)
Overall Thickness: 5/32"; 1/8" w/out profile
Profile Height: 3/64"
Profile Diameter: 1-3/32"

782 Rubber Landing Tile Features:
5/32" thick tile
Raised circular discs (1 1/2" diameter), for better traction
Is attractive, non-staining and non-discoloring.
9 11/16" x 9 11/6" square tiles mean quick installation, fewer joints.
Circular discs allow for easy cleaning
Wheeled equipment moves across easily

Installation Adhesive Options:
#775 Epoxy Adhesive
#560 Rubber Floor Cement
#510 Adhesive