Commercial Carpet Mats

We've carefully chosen just the right carpet mats for your business or home! Plush and durable, these have the look of fine carpeting but have the extreme durability to stand up to wear and tear in high traffic areas.

Our Best Sellers in Order:
  • #CM1- Spectra-Delux Olefin Carpet Mats
  • #CM2- Spectra-Rib Olefin Carpet Mats
  • #CM3- Spectra Walk-in Olefin
  • #CM4- Spectra-Cross-It Olefin/polypropylene
  • #CM5- Spectra-Chevron Polypropylene
  • #CM6- TRI-grip Nylon Carpet Mats
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#CM1- # SD Spectra-Deluxe Olefin Mats
  • Solution dyed olefin yarn preserves the attractive color appearance; a unique pallet of 5 heather tone colors.
  • 17 oz. of 100% continuous filament olefin yarn per square yard fused to a 65 mil durable solid vinyl back.
  • Provides superior wiper service, ultimate floor protection, reduces maintenance.
  • Traps over one gallon of water per square yard; dries faster than conventional carpet mats to lessen slippery hazard.
  • Repels stains to maintain mat’s original beauty; clean with vacuum, hose or broom.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • SPECTRA-DELUXE MATS—approx. 1” vinyl border on all four sides.
Retail Price:$29.95
Our Price:$24.25
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#CM2- # SR Spectra Rib Olefin Mats
  • High fashion look and feel of fine carpet, yet is an extremely tough carpet mat
  • 26 oz. of deep rib 100% Polypropylene needle punch fibers per square yard permanently fused to a 75 mil solid vinyl backing.
  • Scrapes shoes clean; is easily cleaned with a vacuum, hose or broom.
  • Use inside or outside; stands up to the toughest foot traffic situations.
  • Slip resistant solid vinyl back protects floors, reduces mat movement.
  • SPECTRA-RIB MATS—approx. 1” vinyl border on all four sides. Ribs run parallel to long dimension of mats.
Retail Price:$26.40
Our Price:$19.80
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CM5- #SD Spectra-Chevron Polypropylene
  • Decorative chevron design brushes dirt and moisture from shoes with multi-directional action; retains moisture, channels away dirt.
  • 26 oz. of 100% polypropylene needle punch fibers per square yard is fused to a 75 mil heavy duty solid vinyl backing.
  • Deep, rich colors add beauty to entry way.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Mats: Approx. 1” vinyl border on all four sides.
Retail Price:$26.90
Our Price:$39.00
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CM6- # TG TRI GRIP Nylon Carpet Mats
  • Heavy, 100% static dissipative nylon face offers outstanding absorption and durability.
  • Tight, heat-set, Ultra-Twist yarn construction resists packing and crushing.
  • Dirt filters into the mat rather than remaining on top.
  • Molded rubber backing resists curling and cracking in all types of weather.
  • Available in flat, gripper and suction backing types.
  • Also available with oil and grease resistant 100% Nitrile Rubber backing when applications call for additional protection.
  • Passes flammability standard DOC-FF-1-70.
  • Tri-Grip with SBR rubber backing is not recommended for use in areas exposed to grease or petroleum products.
Retail Price:$42.80
Our Price:$32.10
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