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Runner Mats

Our full line of durable multi-purpose runner matting is available in 2-foot to 4-foot wide rolls to provide you with ideally sized, handy, flexible protection available in various continuous feet long. Ribbed, corrugated, and flat runner matting prevents dirt and debris from harming your floor. Use in industry, home & office buildings for temporary and ongoing coverage.

  • Used for protecting existing flooring and for safety in traffic areas where slipping is possible.
  • Use for motels, schools, hotels, apartments, condos, hospitals, churches, cruise ships, amusement parks, etc.
  • Anti-slip runner matting offers a safe surface for pedestrians to walk on and your employees to work on!
  • For your convenience, Products are listed in order of popularity.

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FM1 Easy-Sweep Rib Runner Matting - Vinyl
  • 1/8 " thick.
  • Non-fading and superior aging properties make this chemical stain resistant matting a popular runner.
  • Non-combustible, tear, cut, and impact resistant; ozone resistant; low water absorption, use inside or outside; high tensile and elongation properties outwears rubber; single piece rolls.
  • Round rib corrugations run lengthwise; easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Price is per foot when ordered in non roll sizes. Also sold in full rolls of 105 ft.
Retail Price:$6.30
Our Price:$4.70
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FM2 Standard Corrugated Runner Matting - All Rubber
• 1/8" thick • An ever popular, narrow corrugated surface design; top quality, standard rubber runner matting. • Reduces noise, accidents, fatigue, and maintenance; improved wet and dry slip resistance. • Smooth back helps stay in place. • Good abrasion resistant; flexible; sound absorbing; minimal shrinkage. • Black color only. • Price is per foot when ordered in non roll sizes. Also sold in full 75 ft long or 150 ft long rolls.
Retail Price:$5.60
Our Price:$4.20
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• 3/32" or 1/8" thick. • Keep carpeting like new, yet see the colors. • Clear vinyl with molded-in grippers on the underside of each square foot of ribbed area; anchors into most tufted, loop or woven carpets. • Stays in position better than smooth back runners. • Angular ribbed surface with clear feathered edge border. • Wipes clean, heels won't puncture. • For use on commercial, industrial, institutional or residential carpeted floors. • Price is per foot when ordered in non roll sizes. Also sold in full 60 ft rolls.
Retail Price:$9.00
Our Price:$7.00
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FM4 Diamond Plate Runner
• Diamond Plate Runner has a deep embossed steel-deck design; a skid-resistant pattern with Safety-Yellow Borders for high visibility. • Ideal for walkways, ramps, and traffic patterns in factories and commercial buildings. • Heavy duty vinyl resists most beverages, oils, common industrial chemicals and cleansers. • Stain resistant, flame retardant and self extinguishing. • Provides extra safety on walkways where "inside the lines" is important. • Meets flammability requirements of motor vehicle safety test No. 302 (49 CFR 571302). • Wipe or hose to clean easily. • 5/32 thick, Black or Gray Color matting with or without Safety-Yellow edge borders on longitudinal sides. • Price is per foot when ordered in non roll sizes. Also sold in 75 ft long full rolls.
Retail Price:$8.20
Our Price:$6.10
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FM5 Pyramid Runner Matting - Vinyl
• 1/8" thick. • GREASE AND OIL RESISTANT NO FABRIC • Non-fading, superior aging properties, now in a cross-corrugated pyramid surface; non-directional; resulting in a slip resistant vinyl runner. • Resists many oils and greases; non-combustible; tear, cut and impact resistant; ozone resistant; high tensile strength; outwears rubber single piece rolls. • Reduce maintenance costs; easily cleaned with soap and water.• Meets flammability requirements of motor vehicle standard #302. • Price is per foot when ordered in non roll sizes. 105 Ft rolls price shown. • Black in color.
Retail Price:$6.70
Our Price:$5.00
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