Entrance Mats

Easy to install entrance mats are for commercial entry ways or service areas of schools, universities, offices, malls, factories, retail stores, restaurants or churches.

"Designed for Safety", the following are the most popular mats; featuring beauty, style, and design. Easy cleaning, long range economy, quiet and comfort.

Please notice that some products must be ordered by calling us as our web site can not completely describe all necessary details. You will want to see color samples to verify color choices. You may request one of our catalogs for more details.

Mats shown in order of popularity.
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#EMFC1-#TT Fluff-Cord Strip Tile
  • A close-nap, approx. 3/8" thick carpet-like surface of specially processed rubber-fabric strips made from recycled heavy-duty truck and bus tires.
  • Natural Earthtone Gray Color.
  • Strips are heat bonded to a woven flexible backing creating a "dry-back" adhesive back that reacts with our non-flammable adhesive to form a stronger bond to the floor.
  • Install this permanent entry floor mat inside or outside (Not recommended for outside use in direct sunlight).
  • Cord strips act as a wiper where dirt or moisture is a problem.
  • Are non-skid, non-absorbing, resist shrinkage, deaden sound.
  • Ideal for heavy wear areas in shopping centers, lobbies, entryways, ramps, airports, etc.
  • Produced in standard 12" x 12" tile size. Also in longitudinal rolls 12" wide x any length up to 25'.
  • Meets OSHA specifications and flammability requirements of DOC-FF-1-70.
  • 1 gallon of adhesive covers approx. 100 square feet.
  • For more information or to order less than 25' strips of 12" wide carpet, please call.
Retail Price:$14.75
Our Price:$12.50 Each
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#EMFC2- Hi-Traffic Entrance Carpet Matting
  • Constructed using the most advanced generation of large denier 100% polypropylene fiber with needle punch carpet technology, pile weight 4.8 oz. sq. ft.
  • Produces an extremely coarse ribbed surface engineered to fulfill the wiper/scraper function high traffic areas need.
  • Needle punch gives superior appearance and ensures there will be no zippering or edge ravel.
  • Can be "loose-laid" or adhered to floor with easy release adhesive.
  • Adhesive covers approx. 200 to 300 sq. ft. per gal.
  • 100% polypropylene large denier fiber; stain resistant; UV stable; permanent static control.
  • Does not absorb or retain water; resists mold, mildew and most chemicals.
  • Latex gel backing; moisture and slip resistant.
  • Vinyl Beveled Nosing 2" wide can be attached to width or length. Call for pricing on nosing.
  • Approx. 3/8" thick.
  • Retail Price:$39.00
    Our Price:$29.30
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    #EM3- #17 Vinyl-Backed Cocoa Mats
    • Black Vinyl beveled Nosing can be attached to any or all edges for surface use.
    • Vinyl-Back Cocoa Mats in Natural Golden Tan color provides safe leak proof brush action cleaning.
    • All natural fibers from the outer husk of the coconut are fused into a vinyl backing by a unique process to create an extremely long wearing and efficient shoe cleaning surface.
    • Is skid proof, lays flat, stays in place.
    • Cropped bristles give excellent scraping action. These mats clean grit and moisture from shoes, dry rapidly; won't mildew or rot.
    • Mats do not generate static electricity.
    • Mats can be easily vacuumed or washed with mild soap.
    • Meets Department of Commerce Flammability Specs. DOC-FF-1-70; classified as a "B" rating under Test ASTM-E84-80.
    • Black Vinyl beveled Nosing can be attached to any or all edges for surface use. Call pricing on beveled nosing.
    Retail Price:$20.10
    Our Price:$15.04
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    #EM4- TS-331 Track Strip Vinyl Entrance Mats
    Call for pricing.
    • An attractive way to control tracked-in dirt.
    • Track Strip's unique design solves the problem of tracked in dirt and water.
    • Designed with alternating rows of corrugated vinyl and dense cut-pile carpet. The corrugated vinyl rows scrape off dirt and debris; the carpeted rows help collect water and help dry bottom of shoes.
    • Ideal for universities, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, condominiums, shopping malls, strip centers, banks, retail stores, hotels, apartments, churches, office buildings, schools, theaters, airports; any commercial, industrial or institutional building.
    • Molded of heavy duty vinyl with long wearing nylon cut-pile carpet strips permanently bonded between the corrugated vinyl rows.
    • The vinyl cross-ribs on the underside allow air circulation and provide for drainage of water. This engineered design makes for softer, quieter, more comfortable pedestrian traffic.
    • For better drainage, if excess water will be tracked onto the surface, mats are available with slot perforations through the corrugated vinyl rows, perpendicular to the carpet strip rows.
    • Track Strip entrance mats are factory assembled from 12" x 12" modules to produce custom sizes for use in recessed areas or surface applications.
    • Use between double doors, inside entrance doors, to cover foyers, in hallways, on ramps, in elevators.
    • Ideal for any heavy traffic area.
    • Use 7/16" thick Track Strip mats in 3/8" or 1/2" deep recesses; or black beveled nosing can be attached to any edge for surface use.
    • For more information, please call with questions and for a catalogue.
      #EM5- 650, #EM 800 Aluminum/ Vinyl roll-up mats
      • Aluminum/Vinyl Roll-Up 7/16" thick Mats provide long lasting protection for interior and exterior high traffic areas. Heavy duty vinyl base cushions allow quieter traffic and improve wear. Inserts are available in four different materials to accommodate any application; inserts can be alternated to provide for both scraping and absorption from foot traffic.

      • Easy to install, this versatile roll-up mat is for commercial entryways or service areas of schools, universities, offices, malls, factories, retail stores, restaurants or churches. Aluminum rails run counter to traffic flow. Surface remains dry as debris and water falls through. Unique hinged design rolls up easily, allows removal of collected dirt and water.

      • All mats are custom made to size. Maximum size 8 ft. width x 12 ft. long (maximum aluminum rail length is 8 ft.)

      • The EM-650 system combines continuous vinyl base cushions with a co-extruded black vinyl hinge that securely connects aluminum tread rails to permit quieter clatter-free traffic and prevent hinge slippage when mat is rolled up; perforated hinges standard. • View Construction.. • The EM-800 system features solid all-aluminum construction with a continuous hinged rail for superior fit, maximum strength and durability. The vinyl base cushion provides a soft, quiet feel; mat easily rolls up to clean floor. Specify solid or perforated hinges. • View Construction.. • See Specs. • Rigid backed nylon carpet inserts available in 17 colors. PVC vinyl inserts available in 7 colors. Abrasive inserts available in 5 colors. Bristle Filament inserts available in 5 colors.

      • For more information, please call with questions and for a catalogue.

      Contact Our Sales Department For Pricing.
      #EM6- CW- 16 Vinyl Link Mats
      •  Call for pricing. Musson Vinyl Link Mats retain their vibrant colors, are reversible, give years of service. Available in solid colors, standard field designs or special designs. Letters or numerals can be woven in CW-16. Furnished with matching or contrasting color nosing attached on all sides, 1-1/2" stub for recess use (or 2" beveled for surface use.)

      • Wires should run the short dimension of mat; same cleaning action whether traffic moves parallel or perpendicular to wires. Rust resistant spring steel wire is standard; (brass wire at extra cost). Maximum size 8' x 16', (maximum wire length 8'). Large areas should be made in sections of 48 square feet or less.

      • Close-Weave Link Mats have very tiny openings, approximately 1/16" X 1/2". View weave. Only dirt and water will fall through; will not catch or trip the smallest heel. Links are 2" long x 7/16" thick x 1/2" wide. Individual links have extra weight at stress points and extra strong ribs for cleaning action. • View link cross section. • View specs. • Available in 12 colors. • View installation instructions.

      To properly price and describe these products to you, please call for catalogue and information.