GS620D, GS620DVI Round Nose Rubber Stair Tread - Diamond Pattern

GS620D, GS620DVI Round Nose Rubber Stair Tread - Diamond Pattern
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GS620D, GS620DVI Round Nose Rubber Stair Tread - Diamond Pattern
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5043 Beryl Marbleized
5046 Mid Gray Marbleized
5047 Harvest Marbleized
5053 Lawn Marbleized
5070 Marlin Marbleized
5092 Violet Marbleized
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Product Description

GS620D Round Nose Rubber Stair Tread Specs:
Length: 36" to 108"
Depth : 12-1/16" nominal from inside of nose
Thickness : 3/16" tapering to 1/8"
Nose length: 1-9/16"
Nose Thickness: 1/8"
Tapered Nose: Yes
Adjustable Nose: Yes

GS620D, GS620DVI Rubber Stair Tread Features:
3/16" thick(medium gauge), tapering to back edge, 12 1/16" depth. Round nose with an adjustable 1 9/16" deep nose.
Diamond design wear area covers impact area of pedestrian traffic.
Meets Federal specs
Six standard lengths
Call to order lengths over 72".

Not recommended for outdoor use.

Installation Adhesive Options:
#400 Neoprene Contact Adhesive
#300 Water-based Contact Adhesive
#560 Rubber Flooring Adhesive
#110 Epoxy Nose Caulk for longer wear and added safety
#510 Adhesive