Vinyl Tile - #VST8-KT18

Vinyl Tile - #VST8-KT18
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Retail Price:$16.76
Our Price:$13.50
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Blackstone (use with black treads)
Graystone (use with gray treads)
Brownstone (use with brown or sand treads)
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Product Description

  • 18" x 18" x .120" vinyl tiles designed for use with vinyl stair treads.
  • Combines durability with textured surface for safety and attractive design.
  • Select blackstone for use with black treads.
  • Select graystone for use with gray treads.
  • Select brownstone for use with brown or sand treads.
Specifications Overall Thickness: 3.175mm | .125″ Wear Layer Thickness: 1.00 mm | 40 mil

Technical Specs (ASTM1700-99):
Abrasion (ASTM D-3889): 0.284g/5000 cycle
Fire resistance (ASTM E-648): Class 1
Smoke Density (ASTM E-662): < 450 sdi
Flame (ASTM E8401): Class 3
Slip resistance (ASTM F2047): Rated 0.61
Stain and Chemical Resistance (ASTM F-925): Excellent
Heat Stability (ASTM F-1514): Passed
Size & Squareness (ASTM 2055): Passed
Static Load Limit (ASTM F-970): < 250 psi

Limited Warranty
Full Commercial Warranty: 16 years

Summary of Warranty
Vinyl tiles must be professionally installed to validate the warranty.

Warrants our Vinyl Tiles against wear for a period of 10 years. This warranty applies only to material that is properly installed and maintained, while being used as intended and recommended. If the defect is covered by this warranty and is reported to Musson within the Warranty period, Musson will supply new material of same or similar grade to repair or replace the defective material.

Wear is defined as complete removal of wear layer, pattern and color due to wear from normal traffic and maintenance. If the wear occurs within 10 years from date of purchase, Musson will provide replacement materials or repair the effected area.

Manufacturing Defects Manufacturer warrants that our Vinyl Tiles are free from manufacturing defects and will replace defective floor covering and reasonable installation costs for a period of one[1] year from date of purchase. Manufacturer will not pay labor costs to repair or replace materials that defects were apparent before or at the time of installation.

Other Limitations

  • This warranty is non-transferable
  • Manufacturing defect must be reported within 3 months from date of purchase
  • This Warranty covers only properly installed & maintained floors
  • Warranty excludes any and all consequential or incidental expenses
  • Musson reserves the right of final judgment and may refuse claims in certain instances