GSA2N, GSA4N Grit Surface Aluminum Step Nosing

GSA2N, GSA4N Grit Surface Aluminum Step Nosing
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Retail Price:$35.00
Our Price:$34.00 Each
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Product Description

  • This 2-1/2 deep nosing is made from the same material as our Grit-Surface Aluminum Treads.
  • The GSA2N front abrasive edge is 1-3/4 deep with a 3/4" back edge and 1 1/4" deep nose.
  • Both the nose and tapered edge have a 1/4" wide reflective yellow tape strip for additional safety.
  • The nosing is available in abrasive colors of Black, Brown, Blue, Gray, Green, Red or Yellow.
  • Nosing is available solid (for glue-down applications) or with countersunk holes (for screw-down applications) every 12 inches.
  • Product lead time may be up to 4 weeks; so please call to expedite.


  • Furnish and install Musson Grit-Surface aluminum stair treads 3/16" thick, 7-1/2" (GSA75), 9" (GSA9) or 11" (GSA11) deep.
  • Tread surface shall have aluminum oxide abrasives permanently bonded to a heat treated aluminum nose stair tread.
  • The front grit surface of the tread shall be in _______ color; the back surface shall be in _______ color
  • Colors to be separated by an aluminum rib.
  • Select colors from standard grit colors of black, brown, blue, gray, green, red or yellow.
  • Treads can be supplied with two countersunk holes every 12" for screw down installation, or without holes
  • Installation with #400 Neoprene Contact Cement.


The treads should be swept regularly to remove dirt. When necessary, the treads can be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water solution. Treads can be lightly scrubbed with a brush and then rinsed with water. Consult with the factory on any stains that cannot be removed with this method.