AF2 - Foot Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mats

AF2 - Foot Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mats
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Product Description

The industry standard for long-standing relief.
All edges beveled to reduce tripping.

Ideal for use by:
Pharmacies | Banks | Retail Stores | Supermarkets | Airports | Hotels/Motels | Cashiers | Nurses Stations | Ticket/Toll Booths | Offices | Florists | Cleaners | Labs | Mailrooms

  • Increase efficiency and productivity!
  • Tired feet, aching back and sore legs impair performance.
  • Fatigue can cause ill temper, carelessness and inefficiency.
  • Unique construction prevents strain by distributing body weight.
  • Mats provide insulation against cold floors - will pay for themselves with increased morale and productivity.
  • Improved Quality - Top to Bottom
  • Foot Comfort Mats feature a long wearing 1/8" thick rubber flooring surface fused to a 3/8" vinyl foam base - a total of 1/2" cushioned thickness.
  • The vinyl sponge contains thousands of tiny air bubbles - you actually walk above air - offers comfortable cushioning and durability.
  • Beveled edges and rounded corners help mat hug the floor for added safety and comfort.

Technical Tips
Rubber surface resists all common acids and alkalies and resists oil and grease and most organic solvents if removed or wiped up promptly.